Pamela Ruby Russell
and her
Highway of Dreams

Pamela Ruby Russell welcomes you to "Highway of Dreams", her new CD "...from around the corner and south of the border." A world country cabaret artist, she draws on her wild adventures as an elephant rider in a Mexican circus, Tarot card reader in a cantina, jewelry maker in the French West Indies, and as chef/owner of a seaside restaurant. Pamela shares her joys and sorrows, her delight in the mystery of life with her listeners. That is what it has always been about for her.

A two time Billboard Song Contest award winner from New York, Pamela settled in Boston to study voice with Dante Pavone and Mark Baxter, and piano and music theory with pianist/composer, Michael Dooner. While performing and recording with her own bands in Boston clubs, she also sang backup with "Mickey Clean and the Mezz" and others. Her first producer was the legendary Adrian Barber who built Paul McCartney's original bass set-up. Aired on college and commercial radio stations such as WMFO, WBRS and WBCN where she was named Featured Local Artist, Pamela has performed in: NYC's revered LaMama Galleria; the infamous Rat and Channel in Boston; Passim's and Ryle's in Cambridge; Trenton's Avant Garde Festival; and in LA, Mexico and France.

When preparing to record, Pamela seeks out musicians for the colours they bring to her palette. "If you need to get something done, find the person, the player that moves you, give them the sky, let them be creative, and they will do their best for you." For this reason, Pamela has recorded and played with some of Boston's most respected musicians . "Highway of Dreams" was co-produced by the multi- talented Peter Calo, guitarist for Carly Simon. Robert Holmes, ('til Tuesday, with Aimee Mann), sang backing vocals and Miguel Jiménez, one of Bolivia's foremost flautists, played the kena and pan pipes. Musicians from nine countries recorded on her CD, creating an, "...exotic, lush, passionate and fun journey into Pamela's technicolor dreams."

Recently featured on the front page of the Boston Globe, Pamela was also interviewed by Peter Mehegan of the WCVB-TV Channel 5 newszine Chronicle, with a full screen zoom-in of her CD cover on prime time TV, an advertising coup in anyone's book! Pamela has also been featured in Exploring the possibilities of internet marketing and promoting "Highway of Dreams" at her website, and at, Pamela is now generating interest in the film industry with her songs. Creating pictures, touching the heart and soul with her words and melodies she says, "I sincerely believe there are common truths, none of us are strangers and honest art is the connection between all people. I strive to make music that uplifts and heals. With all the crazy things I've been through in this bizarre and wonderful life, what I've learned is worth sharing!! This is why I sing!" (Hear what other people have to say about Pamela's music!)

Besides looking for a home for her songs, showcasing and distributing her CD, "Highway of Dreams" and writing a screenplay about a wild woman ancestor are some of Pamela's next adventures. Get ready!

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